BuyVet Remembers 911


Twenty years after four coordinated terrorist attacks killed 2,977 people on American soil, the nation remembers. 


Today we honor the brave men and women who serve and protect each day.  They risk their own lives to save the life of someone in need.  This represents the many faces that stepped up to Serve following the attacks on 911.  We will never forgot those that we lost, and those whose lives were impacted forever, 20 years ago.  

This is the greatest country in the world and the proof is in our people.  Strong, intelligent and resilient, that is what makes them who they are.  May God continue to bless and keep our Service Members, First Responders and the brave men and women of this country who risk it all to save a fellow American.  

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Creating a Community of Veteran Business Owners

BuyVet is an organization that highlights the significance of veteran-owned businesses. We aim to form a network of veteran entrepreneurs through which they can collaborate and support each other.

We will reach out to the American public, veterans, veteran organizations, and government and federal entities to promote the BuyVet campaign in 2020.

BuyVet Organization

BuyVet is an organization that highlights the significance of veteran-owned businesses (VOBs).  Our aim is to form a network of veteran owned businesses, i.e. a "Vet-Net" through which VOBs can collaborate and share best practices to grow their businesses.    

Our plan is simple.  We will reach out to Veterans, Military and Veteran organizations, federal, state, and local government entities, veteran owned businesses, and the public to promote the BuyVet campaign.  

Our Sponsors

Brightstar Consulting, LLC - www.brightstarllc.org

Existing Veteran Owned Businesses - Sponsorship Request In Process 

Amway                                 RE/MAX

Enterprise                            Sperry Shoes

FedEx                                   Sports Clips

GoDaddy                              Universal Health Services 

Nike                                      Walmart 


Board Members

  • Traci Bakenhaster

  • Damicka Bates

  • Dr. Yolande DeVoe

  • Al Edmondson

  • Kristin Hampton-Harmon

  • Jeffrey Mers

  • Allen Perk

  • Bruce Roby

  • Vilma Sierk

  • Dale Vitale

Honorary Board Member: Elaine Cornett Thomas (1958-2020)