BuyVet is a Veteran-centric organization, our mission is to advocate for, promote and support Veteran owned businesses and veteran entrepreneurs.  As we approach this Thanksgiving, I want to wish all Veterans a Happy and Safe Holiday season.

This year has been a time of unprecedented change, social unrest, living through a national pandemic and more. Many have lost family members, friends and co-workers to COVID-19 and our country remains in a state of mourning. This was also a Presidential Election year and we went to the polls to vote. Even that was different this year because many were forced to vote by mail due to health and safety concerns.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel and I remain hopeful. We are the United States of America, "One" nation under God "indivisible" with "Liberty and Justice" for all and we must ensure we are living up to our creed. As Veterans, we took an oath to defend our nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I challenge you to stand with me to ensure we live up to the values engrained in us during our time in military service: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. Always do the right thing, take care of yourselves, and always help others in need. This Thanksgiving, please stand with me in praying for our Country and our Leadership.  Shop and Buy Veteran as often as you can, and look out for one another....that is the Soldier's Creed.  God Bless our Veterans, and God Bless the United States of America. 


Creating a Community of Veteran Business Owners

BuyVet is an organization that highlights the significance of veteran-owned businesses. We aim to form a network of veteran entrepreneurs through which they can collaborate and support each other.

We will reach out to the American public, veterans, veteran organizations, and government and federal entities to promote the BuyVet campaign in 2020.

BuyVet Organization

BuyVet is an organization that highlights the significance of veteran-owned businesses (VOBs).  Our aim is to form a network of veteran owned businesses, i.e. a "Vet-Net" through which VOBs can collaborate and share best practices to grow their businesses.    

Our plan is simple.  We will reach out to Veterans, Military and Veteran organizations, federal, state, and local government entities, veteran owned businesses, and the public to promote the BuyVet campaign.  

Our Sponsors

Brightstar Consulting, LLC - www.brightstarllc.org

Existing Veteran Owned Businesses - Sponsorship Request In Process 

Amway                                 RE/MAX

Enterprise                            Sperry Shoes

FedEx                                   Sports Clips

GoDaddy                              Universal Health Services 

Nike                                      Walmart 


Board Members

  • Lamont D. Rembert, United States Air Force Veteran

  • Regina D. Rembert, United States Army Veteran

  • Vilma Sierk, currently serving , United States Army/Reserve


Small Business Administration




American Legion


Bunker Labs


Pickerington Chamber of Commerce




Disabled American Veterans (DAV)


94th Aero Squadron


Kemba Financial Credit Union


Isaac Wiles, Attorneys at Law


Go Daddy - Website Creation


Zeno's Active Wear - Buy Vet Apparel


The JAR Company - Logo Creation


National Veterans Memorial and Museum